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Flo's presents

Goodbye Erasmus 2003

Monday morning, the second of February was a black day in Bokke-history. The first shipment of Erasmus-students had left the building, and a void was left. A dark, yawning void, an abyss, an absence.

But we may not worry, we may not whine, because we will never forget them. Because they left us nice memories and the warm feeling that we have friends, even better: friends abroad, so let's all pack our suitcases in summer, and let's go to Greece, Finland, France, Italy or even smelly Germany! And Manu and Jay are still here, and they are here to stay.

What is even better, is that Flo has left a -I don't know how it's called, let's call it a- toilet refresher in the "little men's room" and a nice looking fungus beneath Manu's new bed. And yes Flo, we will cherish them. We have even put nice protective plastic foil on top of the fungus, so Manu won't hurt it when he is sleeping.

Flo's note The refresher The refresher, close-up
Flo his kind note The refresher close-up
Manu testifies:
"... and we lifted up the matras, and ooooooh, what a nice surprise! A rare species of Fungi Florana Negra, right on my bed. I must be blessed, this must be a sign!"
Manu testifies
Funges - before Fungus - after
before after

And of course we still have the memory of kwietchen Endgen (i am quite sure that my German spelling isn't correct, but hoe kèrz?)

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