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Liquid Generation helps me to waste my time!

Let them help you too!


So forget Greenpeace, there is time to waste!


Andy & Kickel:

about http://www.liquidgeneration.com:

Liquid Generation is a very nice humerous site, filled with homemade cool flashcartoons, ditto games and much more. All that work is copyrighted by the authors and I am not attempting to annoy them.

The only thing is that I do not like the menu of the Liquid Generation site, there is no easy way to view the cartoons again, nor can I share the experience with my d0rky friends without having to explain where they have to click, drag, jump or pray. So why not making a useless site with an enumeration of my favourites?

Ok guys, have fun, and don't forget to visit the original website, I only put some of the best here and there is plenty where that came from :-)

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